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Monopoly Go’s debut brings the classic board game experience to mobile

Roll your dice and pick your token - Monopoly Go debuts on iOS and Android today, bringing the beloved board game to mobile with all-new features.

A graphic for the Monopoly Go release debut showing the Monopoly Man looking cute, outlined in white and pasted on a slightly blurred background of one of the Monopoly Go boards.

Board game fans rejoice as today Hasbro Inc. and Scopely announced Monopoly Go’s debut on iOS and Android. This mobile game is a reimagining of one of the most well-known and beloved board games in the world that puts the classic experience in the palm of your hand, as well as introducing some all-new features and game modes.

Monopoly Go is designed to be a highly social gameplay experience while maintaining the competitive spirit of the classic game. You can connect to other fans across the world to work together, trade stickers, or compete against. You can even steal from your opponents during a bank heist!

You can play as your favourite iconic Monopoly tokens like the racecar or the top hat, and take your real estate empire across the globe with over 100 new game boards to explore. These boards are filled with landmarks that you can upgrade to gain more rewards and bragging rights in the community.

Although Monopoly is traditionally highly competitive, sometimes to the point of causing arguments at the dinner table, Monopoly Go offers plenty of cooperative gameplay options too. Community Chest mini-games let you work with your friends to earn money and rewards, and there’s a dedicated Facebook group for trading the game’s collectible stickers with other players.

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Massimo Maietti, vice president and general manager of Monopoly Go at Scopely said, “Bringing the iconic Monopoly experience to life in an all-new way has been an extremely exciting journey, and we are thrilled that players are now able to engage in the adventure!”

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