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It’s morbin’ time! Fans imagine a Morbius game for Nintendo

The recent movie has been given a new life through internet memes, and fans are dreaming up what a Morbius Nintendo game could look like

Morbius Nintendo game: A mockup shows a potential screenshot of a Morbius video game, featuring Dr Michael Morbius - the living vampire - morbin' around the gaff and getting ready to suck people's blood or something. I haven't seen the movie

We all remember that Morbius Nintendo game right? The one for DS? Where you morb’ around the city, and mark all the states taking part in the #MorbiusSweep? Well, maybe in another cinematic universe this is a reality, but in ours, it’s nothing but a fan’s dream. Luckily, several talented creators have made mockups imagining if the vampiric villain had his own movie tie-in game, and unlike Jared Leto, they don’t suck.

Morbius may not have been the #MorbiusSweep that fans (and definitely Sony) were hoping for, but it’s at least given us some good memes, and Matt Smith dancing with his top off. A few different fans have made designs imagining what a Morbius Nintendo game could look like, and they look far more interesting than the movie ever did.

With a mockup for a Nintendo DS cover, a Switch cover, and even a screenshot of a possible Nintendo DS game, we have to commend the ingenuity of these creators. Maybe if Sony had hired someone as talented as them, Morbius would have made some money. Ah well, there’s always that El Muerto movie, right?

It’s certainly morbin’ time with these great mockups, though I have no idea whether morbin’ time is in the movie. I’m also never, ever going to watch it and find out, so it’ll continue to be Schrodinger’s morb’ forever.

Check out the creators and their designs below, and dream of a world where Dr Michael Morbius could morb around his city (New York? I dunno), and do morby things in pixelated glory. Morbius is certainly exactly the sort of mad B-movie superhero schlock that would have received a movie tin-in videogame back in the day, so it’s no wonder fans have found this so easy to imagine.

If you’re all morb’d out and want some new (and real) games to really sink your teeth into, don’t wait 30 seconds, go straight to our list of the best Switch games for some fantastic titles all better than watching Morbius.