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Murder Hornet guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Our Murder Hornet guide contains all the information you need to become the most hazardous hornet around

Flying around without a care in the world is something only birds and a select few insects get to experience. But thanks to Lion Studios, you can take to the skies in the aptly-titled Murder Hornet. Each level in this new puzzler contains a list of targets for you to fatally sting, and the game doesn’t seem to care who you sting first. Anybody and everybody is on this hornet’s hit-list. But that’s not all, as there are areas to explore and hidden keys to find.

Unsurprisingly, the best part of Murder Hornet is, of course, the murder. Flying around and stinging unsuspecting innocent victims is sure to give any insectophobe nightmares. However, it’s undoubtedly the best part of Murder Hornet by a country mile. It turns out there is nothing more satisfying then stinging a policeman into oblivion and watching him fling away at supersonic speed.

Once you have satiated your blood lust, this Murder Hornet guide will help you increase your earnings and put your cash to work. Not only are there skins to unlock for your hornet and its hive, but there are skills to upgrade along the way. This guide will explain how the game works, how to increase your swarm size, and provide a bunch of tips and tricks to help your game time.

Here’s what’s in our Murder Hornet guide:

Murder Hornet Download: How to get it on iOS and Android

Murder Hornet is available on iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play respectively. It’s free to play, and stuffed with adverts. If you would like to remove them, it will cost around $2.99/£2.99.

Murder Hornet SWARM SIZE: How do I increase it?

Flying around the world as a lone hornet can get lonely from time to time. But, you can fix this by spending some cash or watching some videos. Once you reach level ten, you will unlock the ability to upgrade your hive. Do so enough times and you can get as many as five workers in your swarm.


Once you understand what it takes to be a lethal hornet, you can follow the tips below to get the most out of your time:

  • Explore the levels: sometimes there are giant golden keys hidden in levels. Collect them keys and you’ll get a large pile of cash the next time you watch an ad
  • Learn the paths: the first fifty or so levels have bog-standard NPC movements. It’s almost like they want to be stung! Later on, the characters wise up to your tricks and will move more erratically to avoid your deadly stinger. Once you see where the NPC runs, you can hover around that area and wait for them to come back. Or you can follow their exact route, just in reverse
  • Get some skins: the more levels you complete, the more progress you get towards unlocking new skins. Unfortunately, once you have the chance to unlock the skin, you will need to watch a video to use it. If you don’t watch that video, you will lose your progress towards that skin
  • Upgrade your speed: there are three things in the game to upgrade, the hive, your speed, and your launch. The hive unlocks more hornets that follow you around and a rainbow trail for your main hornet. The launch is how powerful your stinger is: upgrade this for increased hilarity. Your speed is the most important statistic to upgrade as it allows you to progress faster. It will also help you later on in the game against quick and hard to hit enemies
  • There is no timer: having said that, you can take as long as you want in Murder Hornet because there are no time limits. You don’t seem to get a bonus for completing a level quickly, either, so there is no benefit to rushing around
  • VIPs: watching an advert for a VIP level is well worth your time because the total cash is around four times greater compared to a normal one. I know it’s never fun watching an advert, but sometimes you’ve just got to take the virtual money and run