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My Little Universe is bringing cosmic creation to Switch soon

If you’ve ever fancied playing god on Nintendo Switch, get ready to build your own wonderful world as the My Little Universe release date is imminent.

My Little Universe release date: a small yellow character attacks a lava octopus with a sword

Creation and farming games are everywhere on Nintendo Switch, so it’s always nice to see something a bit different. Don’t get us wrong, we love tending to our crops, but with the My Little Universe release date in sight, we’re looking forward to expanding our skills to planet-creation and cosmic curation. You can also check out our guide to the best Switch simulation games to find some horticultural hits.

A sim game that gives you all the power, My Little Universe lets you create procedurally generated patches of land (a bit like Dorfromantik), and then your character must gather resources and explore even further to develop new building techniques and explore even further. In fact, My Little Universe already has over 30 million mobile downloads, and developer Estoty is introducing a new local co-op mode alongside the upcoming Nintendo Switch launch.

If you’re excited about the prospect of curating your own little world, then don’t worry. Publisher SayGames and developer Estoty are bringing My Little Universe to Nintendo Switch and Steam on October 5, 2023. But if you just can’t wait, we have great news, as My Little Universe has a demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop, which you can download and play today. Grab your pickaxe and get building on Switch today.

When is the My Little Universe release date?

Good news galactic gardeners, My Little Universe arrives on Nintendo Switch and Steam on October 5, 2023.

Is there a My Little Universe demo?

You’d better believe it! You can head to the Nintendo Switch eShop and download the My Little Universe demo today. The demo even includes a glimpse at the new local co-op mode.

Is there a My Little Universe trailer?

You can catch a glimpse of the upcoming game over at the My Little Universe trailer below. Have a look for yourself, and get a look at how you create worlds, collect resources, and develop the tiny world of your dreams.

YouTube Thumbnail

Alright, folks, that’s all we have on the My Little Universe release date for now. If you want even more cozy gardening fun, be sure to check out our Rune Factory 3 Special review next.