Mobile game dev Netmarble shares Q4 2022 financial results

Mobile game developer Netmarble struggled at the end of last year, with a drop in sales and earnings due to game delays and soft performance

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Korean mobile game developer Netmarble struggled at the end of last year, with its Q4 2022 financial results showing a drop in total sales year-over-year by -8.7%, to $531.83 million, as well as earnings -67.1% YoY. Meanwhile, it had an operating loss of $15.36 million and a net loss of $353.54 million.

“Netmarble experienced performance below expectations due to several game launch delays and new titles’ soft performance,” said Young-sig Kwon, CEO of Netmarble. “We have a strong lineup of upcoming games planned for 2023. For 2023, we will strictly manage costs and manpower while focusing the company’s performance on the success of these selected projects.”

Netmarble has nine new games planned for 2023, These include Paragon: The Overprime, HypeSquad, Meta World: My City, Grand Cross W, Tower of God: New World, Arthdal Chronicles, Solo Leveling: Arise, Project Knights (Name TBD), and Seven Knights Idle Adventure (Name TBD).

Netmarble’s financial results for Q4 2022 breakdown:

  • “North America led revenues (51%) with diversification across other key territories as follows: Korea (15%), Europe (12%), Southeast Asia (8%), Japan (7%), and other regions (7%).
  • “Top performing genres for the fourth quarter included: Casual Game (48%), RPG (27%), MMORPG (16%), and other genres (9%). The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross and Marvel Contest of Champions contributed to a 3% revenue increase from RPG titles compared to Q3.”
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