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Every Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds chest location

The latest MMORPG on mobile is here from Netmarble, so get all the goodies you need with our guide to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds chest locations

The Great Uncle tree from Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds. It's a large tree with a face, glasses, and a pipe coming our of their mouth.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a huge new MMORPG in the anime-inspired series. With fast and furious hack and slash combat, and a wide cast of likeable characters, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into. There’s also a massive amount of stuff littered over the map, which can make it pretty tough to grab everything.

That’s where we come in, with our Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds chest locations guide. There are a whole bunch of chests full of CP to help boost your character. There are different types of chests – some respawn, but other, higher-tier ones don’t. Below, you’ll find all the high-tier chests, offering some items and that all-important CP.

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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds high-tier chest locations

Below you can find a list of all the Ni no Kuni: Cross World chest locations and a brief description of where they are. I used this great video from GamingPH, which you can check out below to get a more detailed view.

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Southern Heartlands chest locations – starting level

  • Farm back street chest – 222 CP

This chest is out behind one of the farmhouses, past a couple of crates, and down to the right.

  • Great Uncle Autumn’s watchful chest – 222 CP

You need to find a clearing by the tree in Great Uncle Autumn to grab this chest.

  • Uphill street chest –  222 CP

Head south from the tree and head up into a clearing among some bushes.

Eastern Heartlands chest locations – Level 10

  • Sulfur mine chest – 243 CP

Along the road through the sulphur mine, there’s a chest against the cliff face just up a small hill.

  • Waterlogged chest – 243 CP

You can find this chest in the nameless cave, along a narrow road north of the previous chest.

  • Ruin wreckage chest – 270 CP

Head directly south to find this chest among the rubble of some old ruins.

Golden grove chest locations – Level 20

  • Tree vine chest – 278 CP

In the far west of the map, you can find this chest up and along some overgrown tree roots.

  • Chest on boulders – 276 CP

Over to the east, this chest is on some boulders next to a stream near the fairy village.

  • Stone steps chest – 293 CP

In the woods, to the southwest, you can find this chest near the fairyground.

Serene forest chest locations – Level 30

  • Treeroot chest – 290 CP

There’s a long, thin path upwards among the tree roots, which helps make this chest in the middle of the map quite obvious.

  • Chest by the water – 290 CP

You can find this chest to the east by some water on top of a mound.

  • Chest on a mushroom – 340 CP

Head down south for a bit of a platforming challenge over a few mushrooms to grab this chest.

Allegra Plateau Chest Locations – Level 40

  • Chest hidden between trees – 316 CP

You can find this chest behind a large section of stone by the water at the plateau entrance.

  • Chest hidden below – 311 CP

Follow the route to the east and head up the stairs to drop down to where the chest is.

  • Chest on rocks – 340 CP

Down in the north-eastern corner, there’s another bit of platforming over some wooden stakes to get to this chest.

Cloudcoil canyon chest locations – Level 45

  • Thorny vine chest – 330 CP

You can find this chest in the north, along a tree vine and into a small enclosure.

  • Chest on wooden plank – 354 CP

Here’s some more wooden stake platforming – smack bang in the middle of the map.

  • Ravine bone chest – 385 CP

You can find this chest in the southwest, up some wooden stakes, and in the middle of a circle of tents.

An ornate city in Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds, with large towers rising into the sky, and some orbs floating in it.

Winter wonderland chest locations – Level 55

  • Tree vine bridge chest – 362 CP

This chest is behind an ice house near the flurry basin, in a clearing among some trees.

  • Snow-covered cliff chest – 382 CP

A little further to the east, on the left of a bridge, there are some small platforms you can jump up to get to this chest.

  • Across the bridge chest – 421 CP

Far to the south, you can find this chest by hopping over some stones on a river.

Glittering grotto chest locations – Level 60

  • Chest below the wooden bridge – 362 CP

You need to hop down off the cliffside to the east to find this chest.

  • Unstable wooden bridge chest – 353 CP

This chest is in the northeast over some rickety wooden platforms.

  • Waterfall chest – 520 CP

Over the water in the south of the map are a few pillars of ice, one of which has this chest on it.

Burning desert chest locations – Level 70

  • Collapsed ruin chest – 401 CP

Using a mount, hop over the broken sections of the bridge to grab this chest in the east.

  • Ruin pillar chest – 454 CP

In the same area, there’s a fallen pillar, climb up it to find this chest.

  • Cheese rock chest – 544 CP

By the oasis, in the northwest of the map, there are some broken bits of a walkway where this chest is.

Witch’s woods chest locations – Level 75

  • Chest by a boulder – 403 CP

You can find this chest up on a tree in the south of the woods.

  • Chest below boulder – 406 CP

This one is in the same sort of position, a little to the east of the previous chest, up on a tree by some boulders.

  • Chest on a tree – 563 CP

This is another chest on a tree, this time it’s by some water in the northeast.

Woebegone wilds chest locations – Level 80

  • Chest in a shrine – 439 CP

This chest is in the shrine of fires in the southern area of the map.

  • Statue protecting chest – 475 CP

This chest is hidden among some stones a  little further to the west from the last one.

  • Chest inside a waterfall – 574 CP

While mounted, jump over some stones into the waterfall in the far west of the map.

Rainbow valley chest locations – Level 85

  • Broken shrine chest – 442 CP

To find this chest, head along the golden walkway next to the bridge in the southeast of the map.

  • Rainbow ore chest – 443 CP

You can find this chest in the far west of the map by jumping over some wooden pathways in the mine.

  • Rainbow mine chest – 602 CP

In the far north of the map, head towards the water to find some wooden walkways with a chest on them.

That’s all the Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds chest locations. For more goodies, check out our Counterside codes and Dislyte codes lists to grab some free stuff.