The latest Ni No Kuni: Cross World update introduces relic war

Screenshot of Ni no Kuni protagonists for update news article

It’s update time for all you Ni No Kuni: Cross World players out there, and it promises to introduce a range of new content for you to enjoy, including alterations to events, features, and other in-game content.

As part of the Ni No Kuni: Cross World update, you can take part in the relic war, which sees a bunch of kingdoms compete against each other as they attempt to capture various locations on the map. In order to come out victorious, the kingdom you represent needs to conquer the most land. Luckily for you, there are multiple strategies that you can utilise to pick up the win.

Then, as with any mobile game update worth its salt, you can look forward to new events in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. The first of which is the Prepare for the Ancient Genie event, which provides you with valuable rewards upon completion of the relevant missions. You can even pick up a four-star Toko, who just might help you succeed as the event goes on.

As for the second event, dubbed Dimensional Border Treasure Hunt, you can acquire a compass after you clear the dimensional border, which allows you to open slots to receive rewards.

Ni No Kuni: Cross World relic war update

When is the Ni No Kuni: Cross World update live?

The update is already here, so dive in to discover all the recent changes.

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