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Nintendo enters the acquisition game with a long-awaited purchase

Nintendo goes hard on software as it announces a takeover of one of its most frequent collaborators

Screenshots of both Mario and Link acquiring items

Nintendo of Japan announced the acquisition of SRD Co. LTD this week, after having recently confessed a desire to take on more assets. However, unlike other recent industry takeovers, this move was a long time in the making, with SRD working hand-in-hand with Nintendo for almost forty years on some of their most popular franchises. 

We don’t know exactly what the Nintendo acquisition of SRD means for the future of either company. Still, notes from the official press release seem to hint at this being a way of strengthening the Japanese giant’s software development team, as well as bolstering the reputation of SRD. It’s also worth mentioning that neither company has stated how much the deal is worth, but there’s a good chance we’ll know more when the takeover concludes on April 1st. 

It makes sense for Nintendo to make the most of its recent successes, such as the 100 million Switch sales milestone, by expanding its company with those that have provided them with years of quality service. SRD isn’t the first smaller developer to be picked up by the Mario monolith in the last couple of years, and it now finds itself sharing a mother company with Next Level Games, the developer of the upcoming Mario Strikers title. 

Still, despite the takeover, it’s clear that Nintendo’s acquisition targets are different from its console rivals, and they’re looking to consolidate long-time collaborators rather than send seismic shockwaves through the industry with gargantuan buyouts. It’s no surprise to see Nintendo shy away from industry trends – that’s one of the things that makes the company so innovative – but it’s good to see at least some signs of growth and aspiration from the developer.

We’ll be sure to keep an ear to the ground for any fresh updates on the latest Nintendo acquisition, as well as any rumours or announcements of future takeovers. Until then, why not enjoy some examples of Nintendo and SRD’s fruitful history by checking out our guide to the Nintendo Switch Online N64 games.

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