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Nintendo is patching up its leaky ship

Nintendo leaks may be a thing of the past as company president Shuntaru Furukawa explains the steps it’s taking to prevent them in the future

Mario and Luigi sprites superimposed onto the outside of Nintendo's large, grey, square, Kyoto HQ. It's meant to look like they are escaping (as in, leaking), but I don't know if it works.

Nintendo leaks are always big news, but Shuntaru Furukawa, the company’s president, is hoping to make them a thing of the past, as reported by NintendoEverything. In a recent shareholder meeting, Furukawa outlined the steps that Nintendo is taking to prevent any leaks in the future.

He mentioned that there are “a variety of initiatives to address information security threats and vulnerabilities.” To stop Nintendo leaks, it’s making use of “outside specialists” alongside keeping a close eye on security issues. It’s good to hear, but I’d hope it’s been taking these precautions the whole time, right? It would be weird if this is the first time it’s “conducting diagnostics to check for security issues.”

All this comes after a massive Nintendo leak that started in 2020, revealing source code for multiple games alongside many little tidbits of interesting information. That’s all great fun for fans, but when a leaky ship leads to personal data being published, that’s less fun. Let’s hope Nintendo doesn’t let that happen.

You can see the full quote from Shuntaru Furukawa below (via NintendoEverything).

“We are taking a variety of initiatives to address information security threats and vulnerabilities. For the services we provide, initiatives include cooperating with outside specialists and conducting diagnostics to check for security issues.

“In addition, as part of our internal system for information security, we introduced the information security management system in 2017 and have set up our Information Security Committee.

“Policies for information management have been established, and we have adopted both physical and technical countermeasures. In addition, we work to raise awareness of information security among our employees through training and other means.”

That’s all the Nintendo leaks precautions mentioned. For something revealed legally, check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah, or Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Mio to get all the details for Monolith Soft’s massive new adventure.