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Nintendo Switch update 14.0.0 adds folders… Sort of

Nintendo Switch update 14.0.0 is here, bringing with it a couple of neat changes and updates to existing features, including the addition of folders

A screenshot of the main Switch home menu is shown next to a product shot of a Switch

In a surprise release, Nintendo has dropped a fresh update for the Nintendo Switch software, bringing the system to 14.0.0. This latest update brings with it one much-requested feature over the system’s five-year lifetime, finally delivering folders to organise and categorise your games. Well, in a way.

Sadly, the Nintendo Switch 14.0.0 update doesn’t quite give us the folders we’ve all dreamed of, but we’re close. Now, when on the Switch home screen and you scroll to the right and click on ‘all software’ when presented with the huge list of games in your library, you can press L to view and create groups. Here you can arrange your games into any folder you want, give it a name, and even position the games exactly as you want within that group, alphabetical order be damned.

While it would be nice to add this functionality to the regular home screen, much like on the 3DS before, it’s a step in the right direction, and it’s great to see Nintendo continually updating and improving the Nintendo Switch OS. You can view the full details for the update over at the Nintendo Support website. In the 14.0.0 update, Bluetooth functionality has also been improved, and you can see the details again over at the Nintendo Support website.

Hopefully, this is the first step to more updates for the Nintendo Switch, and if you want to get all the details be sure to check out Nintendo of America’s announcement below.

What is included in Nintendo Switch software update 14.0.0?

The Nintendo Switch 14.0.0 software update makes two major changes to the Switch OS, bringing in the option to arrange your games into groups, as well as significant improvements to the Bluetooth functionality of the Switch.

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