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Mario Golf N64 sets course for Nintendo Switch Online

Tee off with the plumber’s original golfing adventure, as Mario Golf arrives on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, and it's launching soon

Nintendo Switch Online Mario Golf: An advertisement shot shows a pristine looking OLED Switch, next to key art from Mario Golf that shows Mario taking a swing with a golf club

Grab your nine iron and a wedge (I don’t play real golf, is that right?), as the N64 game Mario Golf finally swings onto Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion pack this week. Originally released for the N64 in 1999 and developed by Camelot Software, this was the first entry in the now long-running series and set the course for many of Mario’s sports outings in the years since.

So, when can we expect to see Nintendo Switch Online Mario Golf? Nintendo of America confirmed that Mario Golf will release for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service on April 15, so just next week. Timings depend on your region, so sadly we can’t give an accurate prediction of when exactly this will drop.

With Mario Golf finally hitting the service, that means there are only two more announced games expected to hit the Nintendo Switch Online N64 games library, with Pokémon Snap and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards the remaining two upcoming titles that Nintendo has already confirmed. Hopefully, we’ll get an update soon and some other much-requested titles like Diddy Kong Racing (the best N64 racer) will make their way to the service later this year.

While we don’t have any footage just yet, check out Nintendo’s official announcement below and check back for all the latest information as and when we have it.

When is Mario Golf coming to Nintendo Switch Online?

Mario Golf arrives on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service on April 15, just a week after it’s announcement.

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