Mario Party players want firm Nintendo Switch Online release dates

Even though there’s excitement about the first three games coming to the Switch, players want firm Nintendo Switch Online Mario Party release dates

Cover art for Mario Party 3 showing Mario, arms akimbo, big moustache, red head with an M on it, red shirt under blue dungarees, and a generally sunny demeanour, if a tad menacing. On the right is Luigi (basically the same as mario but green instead of red), and on the left is Waluigi (similar to Luigi but purple, more menacing, with could-be-a-gargoyle-on-the-side-of-a-gothic-church-type vibes, if you know what I mean).

The first three Mario Party games are coming to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. Hooray! When are they coming? Umm, well, that’s more nebulous. The first two Mario Party games are set to release sometime before the end of the year, while the third has the worryingly open-ended ‘2023’ release window.

Given that Mario Party 3 is arguably the best of the bunch, some fans aren’t too happy about the nebulous Nintendo Switch Online Mario Party release dates, even though they’re excited they’re on the way. Just a glance at the Mario Party subreddit reveals a handful of disgruntled voices wishing they could play the games right now. As the subreddit says, “ain’t no party like a Mario party!” Who can blame them for their impatience?

In a celebratory post on the subreddit that screams, “THE N64 MARIO PARTYS ARE COMING TO NSO!!!”, others shared similar excitement. The OP said “i fully screamed when they announced 3 lmao” (note the tasteful use of ‘lmao’… I love it), though it was in reply to another user bemoaning the long wait, stating “cant wait but damn i gotta wait 2023 to play 3”.

This is the story of the announcement as a whole, with some fans only looking forward to certain Mario Party games – “i hate mp1 but mp2 will be so fun to play online with friends; i’m anticipating it” – and others not keen to pay for a subscription at all – “I’m not paying $50 for a subscription, I would rather buy an actual N64 and 3 cartridges”. Fair enough.

Two sectioned cards, one for 2022, one for 2023, behaving almost like tabs in a web browser. On the left is Cover art for three N64 games, on the right, cover art for 5 of them.

When is the Nintendo Switch Online Mario Party release date?

There is currently no firm Nintendo Switch Online Mario Party release date. The first two Mario Party games are set to come out by the end of 2022, while Mario Party 3 will release sometime in 2023.

This mixed bag of emotions will hopefully change once we get a couple of the games on our beloved console. Fingers crossed. For more Mario stuff, check out our Super Mario 3D World, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe guides.