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Northgard DLC brings rat clan, dwarves, and more to mobile version

The new Northgard DLC Clan of the Rat is now available for the mobile game version, alongside two free updates with UI overhauls, system changes, and dwarves.

Northward DLC header showing a rat with purple glowing eyes in a gloomy and shadowy place.

The latest Northgard DLC for anyone playing on mobile is Clan of the Rat, which adds a new warrior, unit mechanic, and relic to the game for $2.99 (£2.99). There are also two free updates with Sword & Solace and Kröwns & Daggers, with various menu, event, and system changes coming to one of the best mobile strategy games out there.

The Clan of the Rat DLC adds Eir, a warrior that uses “the ways of the shaman” to care for injuries and summon beasts, alongside The Shaman Camp, which replaces the Healer Hut and trains shamans to fight and heal even outside your territory. There’s also the new relic Garm’s Incarnation, which “hunts for new victims as long as the pyre is ignited.”

On the free side of things, there’s brand new UI navigation to help you get more contextual information, as well as animated backgrounds, research filters, and more in Sword & Solace. There are updates to the multiplayer ranking system and military paths, too. In terms of new stuff, that all comes in Kröwns & Daggers, with Dwarves, a rivalry system, a diplomacy screen, and new competitive events.

When is the new Northgard DLC available on mobile?

Northgard’s latest DLC, Clan of the Rat, is available now on the App Store and Google Play, alongside two free updates with Sword & Solace and Kröwns & Daggers. You can check out the rat clan trailer below.

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