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Our One Escape giveaway has ended

You could win a copy of One Escape on iOS

May 20, 2021: Our One Escape giveaway is now over. Keep an eye on your inbox to see if you won

One Escape is a 2D puzzle-platformer game that sees you playing as a feisty felon who must perform an epic jailbreak. You can play as one of three unique anthropomorphic characters while you steal key cards, scale walls, and hide in dark spaces to escape the ever-persistent cops.

As of right now, there are 60 levels for you to master, each with unique challenges and ways to play. Whether you choose to proceed through the game as the boar, the duck, or the gorilla, you’re sure to find different strategies in order to master each stage with each new playthrough.

That’s why this week we partnered up with Crescent Moon Games to give away some iOS codes for One Escape! So, if you’re looking for a stealth game with a little extra attitude, make sure you enter our giveaway down below.

To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is fill out the box below. If you enter, please also check out our terms and conditions.

PT – One Escape giveaway

We’ll inform the lucky winners next Thursday. If you want to get your hands on a copy of One Escape before then, simply head on over to the App Store or Google Play. Good luck!