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This original iPhone price makes Apple’s flagship look like a bargain

A recent original iPhone price at auction might seem steep, but if you consider the history of the smartphone, it’s probably the most important Apple product.

Original iPhone price header showing an original iPhone is someone's hand, with app on the screen and large bezels.

The first-ever Apple iPhone recently sold for more than $190k (around £150k) at a US auction. While it’s definitely not in the ranks of the best gaming iPhones, this original iPhone price is sort of merited given its place in the history of technology.

A recent iPhone auction went for far lower, but this one comes at a premium as it’s an unopened first-edition model, very few of which were made. The original iPhone price back when it launched in 2007 was $599, so if you’ve got one knocking around it’s definitely been a wise investment (assuming it’s in good condition).

The original iPhone is an interesting thing to remember. There was no App Store, no video recording capability, and only a handful of built-in apps for you to make use of. It’s also the only duotone iPhone ever made – something it’s a bit wild to think Apple hasn’t returned to.

Anyway, while we all reminisce about the good ol’ days of Apple innovation, why not check out the original iPhone announcement below? “An iPod, a phone, an internet communicator…”

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