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Pirates Dream codes

Looking for Roblox Pirates Dream codes? Luckily, we ARRR the place to be, so get back on the seven seas with plenty of booty thanks to our seaworthy guide

Pirate's Dream codes: A roblox avatar appears in the game Pirate's Dream

Shiver me timbers! Just when we thought Roblox couldn’t get any more fun, up sails a brand new adventure in the form of Pirates Dream. Grab your parrot and strap on your peg leg, we’re all about that pirate life now. And what do pirates love more than anything? That’s right, codes. Yeah, they probably loved gold back in the day, but it’s 2022 baby and real pirates want those sweet Pirates Dream codes.

Our guide is here to fill your coffers with enough doubloons to sink a small galleon, so you can focus on adventuring instead of worrying about cash. Polly wants a cracker? No, Polly wants codes and Polly is about to be STUFFED full of them. Before we sail off into the seas of this code guide, for even more great content be sure to check out our articles on Max Speed codes, Creature Chaos codes, Viet Nam piece codes, and Firework Simulator codes.

Now, get scrolling and check out our Pirates Dream codes guide before I make you walk the plank.

Pirates Dream codes

Active codes

  • RESETFRUIT – resets fruit
  • RESTART – five race rerolls
  • REVIVE – two times drop
  • WEEKENDROLL – five space rerolls (new)
  • WEEKENDNOTIFIER – two hours devil fruit notifier (new)
  • YouTube – 5,000 beli
  • Sorryforshuts – 5,000 beli
  • FREEBISCUITSOMG – ten biscuits
  • Thanksfor6k! – ten biscuits

Expired codes

  • Release!

What are Pirates Dream codes?

Pirates Dream codes are a specific set of numbers and letters that work to form a code, this can then be input into the Roblox game Pirates Dream for some lovely exclusive rewards, boosts, and bonuses. Developer Artist 3.0 Productions generally releases these alongside major updates or holidays, and they can occasionally be found on the Pirates Dream Roblox page.

How do I redeem Pirates Dream codes?

  • Open Pirates Dream
  • Click the codes button on the left of the screen
  • Input your selected code
  • Click redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Alright, Pirates that is all for today, but if you need even more great guides then you should head over to our article covering Doors Race Clicker codes next.