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Playdate community bundle brings even more play to your device

If you’re in need of some fresh new games to play on that fun little yellow handheld, this Playdate community bundle offers a handful of treats for less

Playdate community bundle: a monochrome screenshot from a Playdate game shows a small penguin using it's tongue to catch fruit

The Playdate launched a little over six months ago, and slowly but surely, that adorable yellow console is worming its way into the hands of many more eager gamers. Of course, if you’ve had one for a while then you might already be done with the first season of games, or are at least in need of some new fun little ways to play on the device.

Well, good news, the Playdate community bundle is here, bringing together thirteen of the most popular Playdate games currently available on itch.io and slapping them all into one fantastic package. The collection of games includes titles like Tape Worm Disco Puzzle, A Joke That’s Worth $0.99, Chesstris Mini, and A Balanced Brew. The latter of which (or should that be latte) is a game where you use the crank to control a unicycle, reuniting a man with his beloved coffee by overcoming obstacles and staying upright.

The Playdate community bundle is currently available for $29.00, saving over 50% from the collective price of $61.15 it takes to buy each of the thirteen games individually. All of the titles have positive reviews on itch, and if you’re excited to dive in, then it’s fairly easy to download them to your computer and then sideload them to your Playdate device. Head on over to the Playdate sideload page for all the information you need.

Get a glimpse at the games in action with the playdate community bundle trailer below.

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