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Upcoming Switch title Poglings has smashed its Kickstarter goals

Poglings’ Kickstarter has passed its base goal and most of its stretch goals, showing folks are excited for the Nintendo Switch creature collector.

Poglings kickstarter art showing a boy with a bucktooth and long overhaniging brown hair in a red shirt and brown shorts with no shoes by an egg on some grass in front of a white rock face and waterfall surrounded by a handful of colourful, baby dragon-type things.

Poglings, an upcoming pet sim creature collecting adventure – self-described, might I add – from Yojoyco and Right Nice Games has smashed its Kickstarter goals. People fully funded the game in fifty minutes, with four stretch goals already hit.

So far, the team plans to add an in-game selfie camera, expand the island for exploration, and add six new pogling colours. More excitingly to some, perhaps, is that the Kickstarter also hit a stretch goal to commission a track from Grant Kirkhope, the mind behind the DK Rap and Banjo Kazooie’s music.

Beyond all this, the game could also get a cooking system integrated and a track from Tee Lopes, composer on Sonic Mania and TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. There are also mystery goals beyond 300k, which from a little look over the description should include an expanded release beyond Switch and PC.

You can check out the Kickstarter here if you fancy getting involved, watch the trailer down below.

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