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Someone made the world’s smallest portable N64

Here's the world's smallest portable Nintendo 64

Mario being chased by a Chomp Chain

The Nintendo 64 initially released almost 25 years ago, but the classic console still holds a dear place in many a gamer’s heart. Whether it be due to a love for the retro console or just because they were looking for a challenge, Twitter user GmanModz has built the world’s smallest portable Nintendo 64 console.

The little yellow console uses the original Nintendo 64 motherboard, Nintendo 64 A and B buttons, and Nintendo Switch joysticks (which look far more comfortable than the rigid stick on the original Nintendo 64 controller). The screen size isn’t disclosed in the tweet showing the console off, but it looks as if it fits very comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Beyond the world’s smallest portable N64, GmanModz has also created the N64SP. As the name suggests, the N64SP combines the Nintendo 64 and the Game Boy Advance SP to create a portable, flip-top style N64. This system has a 5-inch screen, about two hours of battery life per charge, and some very comfortable controls.

You can take a closer look at the world’s smallest N64 portable playing some classic Mario in the tweet below.

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