The Project Cars Go closed beta is live for the next two weeks

The Project Cars Go closed beta is live for the next two weeks to any lucky applicants who signed up last week

Project Cars Go, the one-touch racing game from Slightly Mad Studios, is now in closed beta for iOS and Android users. The closed beta period started on October 14 and will end on October 27, giving players plenty of time to test their racing skills against the toughest opponents the road has to offer.

Unlike Slightly Mad Studios’ console games Project Cars 1 & 2, which focused on being a fully fledged driving simulator, Project Cars Go aims to simplify the complex mechanics of racing while maintaining an aspect of realism. Project Cars Go allows players to take a spin in 50 licensed cars on 12 unique tracks, three of which are based on real-world races.

The one-touch racing mechanic in Project Cars Go allows players to drive with ease no matter where they are. Here’s what Ian Bell, CEO at Slightly Mad Studios has to say about this feature: “Condensing the key moments of what a driver does out on the track—brakes, entry-points, exit points—into a ‘One Touch’ mechanic was an interesting project for us at the studio, as we wanted to retain the authenticity of the Project CARS franchise but cater for what our fans want on a racer they can play on the go.”

Unfortunately, if you didn’t sign up to the closed beta then it looks like you won’t be playing Project Cars Go any time soon. Currently, there is no release date for the full game. In the meantime, check out this trailer, which debuts new gameplay.

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