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We’re not sure if we’re buying the new PSP3 rumor circulating online

There’s a new PSP3 rumor from a reliable leaker circulating online, but we still have our doubts about this one coming to fruition.

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More than sixteen years after the arrival of the original PlayStation Portable, a new PSP3 rumor is circulating online, courtesy of a relatively reputable source. The new details suggest Sony is essentially looking to take on the likes of the Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally with its own high-powered portable console.

The PSP3 rumor is the work of Russian leaker Anton Logvinov, first translated on the ResetEra forums, who’s noted for first reporting on the Horizon: Zero Dawn and Death Stranding PC ports well before their launch. Logvinov detailed the PSP3 in mid-May, stating that Sony is hard at work on the portable console and that it’ll launch in the future with a selection of PlayStation 4 games, many of which are already available on Steam and the Steam Deck.

As unlikely as a PSP3 seems, especially with Sony still trying to keep up with the surprising demand for the PlayStation Portal, it’s hard not to take notice when the rumor is courtesy of a fairly reputable source. However, since the end of the PlayStation Vita era, there’s been no shortage of portable PlayStation rumors, none of which have amounted to a release.

So, even with Logvinov’s reputation, we don’t think it’s worth taking this rumor too seriously until we hear any further developments from other leakers or, better still, Sony itself. Both the original ResetEra and subsequent Reddit posts featuring the rumor seem to have the same take, with more skepticism than excitement surrounding the report. Put simply, we think it’s a nice pipe dream, but it’s probably a pipe dream nonetheless.

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