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Roar into battle with PUBG Mobile’s Dinoground update

It’s time for a battle roar-ale (is that anything?) as PUBG Mobile’s Dinoground launches as part of the version 2.6 update alongside loads of new content.

PUBG Mobile Dinoground: Key art of the PUBG macot and another guy riding in a prehistoric saddle/cart on top of a roaring t-rex on a blue sky.

PUBG Mobile’s Dinoground is here with the recent version 2.6 update, bringing prehistoric predators into the present day. Ride pterosaurs, velociraptors, and even the mighty tyrannosaurus rex into battle and claim victory.

The Dinoground event is available from May 16 to June 18, and you should keep an eye out for dino settlements on the Erangel and Livik maps to loot a range of supplies. If you and your squad want to conquer the king of the dinosaurs, look out for the T-Rex spawning in the dino settlements’ keeps and prepare to bust down the door to ride him as your noble steed.

Erangel also features Primal Zones, where you can tame and mount pterosaurs and velociraptors to aid you in battle. Velociraptors are speedy and have formidable jumping power, but pterosaurs control the sky and can airlift teammates to safety, or drop your foes from great heights.

There’s a bunch of dino-themed minigames too, including the Pterosaur Hoops Challenge.  Mount your pterosaur and fly through as many hoops hanging from hot air balloons as possible within the time limit to earn dino treasure supplies. There are even some dino treasure drops that you can reach using your velociraptor’s jumping skills.

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Version 2.6 also brings updates to PUBG Mobile’s creative mode, World of Wonder. The mode has grown to allow more players to create and build to their hearts’ content, and the team has also added a new multiplayer racing template for you to test out.

That’s everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile’s Dinoground. For more prehistoric playgrounds, check out our list of the best dinosaur games on Switch and mobile. Alternatively, we’ve got a list of PUBG Mobile redeem codes for you to grab some extra currency.