Android gaming handheld from Razer launches soon

The Razer Edge, a brand-new Android gaming handheld, now has a release date set for January 26, when we’ll finally get our hands on the unique device

The Razer Edge release date header showing the console floating above silvery glass in a green aura. It's basically a phone with controllers attached on either end.

Razer has announced a launch date for the Razer Edge, its new Android gaming handheld. It launches on January 26 and comes in two versions. There’s a WiFi-only unit, as well as a 5G one.

We also learned even more beyond the Razer Edge release date, with further spec details now revealed. There’s a 2,400 x 1,080 AMOLED display stretching to 6.8 inches, with a 144Hz refresh rate. It has a Snapdragon G3x powering everything, setting it up for Android gaming and streaming.

With the WiFi model starting at $399 in the US and the 5G one set as a Verizon exclusive, US customers are all set for release day. There’s no news for a global release yet, but we’ll update you as soon as we get any information. Lord knows we want to play this thing over here in the UK.

When is the Razer Edge release date?

The Razer Edge is set for release on January 26 in the US. The WiFi-only model starts at $399, while you can get the Verizon-exclusive 5G unit on contract. The Verizon website says it retails for $599.99. Check out the trailer below.

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That’s all we’ve got on the Razer Edge release date. For more, check out our guide to the best portable gaming consoles on the market today.