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How to ride your dragon

A few years ago, Crescent Moon released a fresh new spin on the battle royale formula with, a beautifully polygonal .io game that challenges you to throw an obscene number of axes at your Viking opponents. It demonstrated aptly that these minimalistic multiplayer experiences didn’t have to look like they were created in Microsoft Paint.

Now, developer Yvette Games is back with an even more visually impressive, and ambitious, effort in As the name suggests, you play as a mounted rider atop a horse and a wide variety of other animals. These range from the real, like tigers and, err, moose, to the downright mythical, like a fire-breathing dragon.

You’ll start on foot though, with a mere bow and arrow, and will have to collect coins and defeat fellow players to level up, earning new mounts in the process. You earn mounts at different level intervals, and there are a wide variety of different cosmetic options to unlock, both for your rider and mounts. All of this plays out in real-time, against genuine opponents.

To celebrate the launch of, we teamed up with publisher Crescent Moon Games to give you, our valued readers, a chance at getting some free in-game swag. We gave away five iOS and five Android codes in a giveaway, which has now ended.


You can still grab on the App Store or Android via Google Play if you fancy checking it out.