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Roblox introduces huge changes to their buy and sell Marketplace

Roblox has made it a great deal easier for users to discover community-made clothing, custom 3D avatars, and lots more from passionate creators.

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Roblox is brimming with incredibly impressive homebrewed creations, whether that be games or skins, and this community creativity is arguably one of the biggest selling points of the entire platform. With this in mind, Roblox recently decided to make it far, far easier for anyone to flex their skills in the Marketplace.

Enrico D’Angelo, Roblox’s Vice Head of Economy, has said that “opening up creation isn’t only a win for creators, but for users, too. It’s just the first step in making the Marketplace a home for more diverse expression for users. With more creators around the world creating items for avatars, users will find 3D items that represent who they want to be in the virtual world”.

With over 71 million users, Roblox has already solidified itself as a ‘for the people, by the people’ gaming platform, and this new move most definitely confirms it. Before this, creators would send applications to get vetted in order to put their items on the Marketplace. But with these new changes, Roblox hopes that more and more users will dip their hands into the creative process.

While this decision is definitely making it easier for creators to get their work out there, there are still some caveats. Although they no longer need to go through a lengthy application process, creators that want to sell their designs will need to actively adhere to the game’s Marketplace policy and Community Standards – although, this goes without saying, really – and they’ll have to confirm their identity to prove they’re over the age of 13, although anyone already able to access voice chat will have likely already done this.

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The main requirement that users will need in order to buy and sell on the Marketplace is to subscribe to Robux Premium 1,000 or 2,200. By doing so, the platform has indeed made it easier to access, but only if you can shell out the funds required. These subscriptions vary from $9.99 to $19.99 a month, and so this new move to make the Marketplace more accessible is essentially locked behind a paywall and further confirms that Roblox is making big monetization moves.

However, with such an incredibly large player base, we’re sure that despite this out-of-pocket requirement we’ll be seeing lots of amazing creations appear in the Marketplace very soon. If you’re after some free Roblox goodies, we have plenty of Roblox game codes lists, including Bleach Soulz codes, Revengers Dream codes, and One Punch Ultimate codes.