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A despicable Roblox game revival reunites the Minions and Sonic

Gru and crew enter the Roblox realm, but with a unique Sonic twist, with the revival of Roblox game Minions Adventure Obby: Despicable Forces Ultimate.

Roblox Minions adventure Obby: Despicable Forces Ultimate: Gru and his brother jump over the moon

The world is rife with Sonic fans, and thanks to a litany of fun titles, those enthusiasts are never far from a great gameplay experience. Sadly for fans of Despicable Me, there aren’t quite as many titles focused on the animated franchise, but one dedicated fan has put an end to that. Recently re-uploaded after the developer initially released it in 2019, Roblox game Minions Adventure Obby: Despicable Forces Ultimate is a wild ride.

Developed by creator Despicable Boost, Minions Adventure Obby is a shameless and glorious mash-up that directly riffs on Sonic Forces but replaces the blue hedgehog with Steve Carell’s beloved character Gru. The rotund evil scientist careens around loops and thrilling levels while giant Minion robots ape the iconic machines made by Dr Eggman.

The title is going through a resurgence thanks to a recent re-upload for eager fans to enjoy again, and a viral post from Twitter user @lgahc saying “the art in this Roblox game goes hard.” While the concept is undoubtedly a silly one, the execution here is so thoroughly impressive that we hope the creator turns their skills into something original in the future. In the meantime, we’ll be running around at the speed of sound as our favourite surly scientist.

Is there a Minions Adventure Obby: Despicable Forces Ultimate trailer?

Yes, you can check out this weird and wacky game in all its glory, thanks to the teaser trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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