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RPG Maker Unite smartphone export tool makes mobile games easy to port

The new RPG Maker Unite smartphone tool makes the life of any amateur mobile game developer that little bit easier, and that can only be a good thing

artists impression of a RPG Maker Unite smartphone export game running on mobile with a person stood in a in-game village

Every few years we get a new RPG Maker title with a host of options to make not only game creation that bit easier but also to simplify the method to share your games with others. The latest version of the legendary game-making software, RPG Maker Unite, plans to take this to the next level when it finally arrives, making it easier to port to mobile than ever before.

The RPG Maker Unite smartphone export tool takes the good parts of the system from the current instalment, RPG Maker MV, and strips away any of the unnecessary or convoluted options to leave a porting choice that doesn’t confuse or frustrate nearly as much. Of course, you still need a little technical know-how to understand to get your game running, but it’s clear the developer is doing all it can to simplify the process.

Of course, exporting to mobile isn’t the only improvement coming as part of the RPG Maker Unite package. It’s also easier than ever to design and customise your own characters and game world, with more options to create yourself rather than rely on in-game assets.

As a mobile site, more mobile games as a result of the RPG Maker Unite smartphone export tool can only be good news for us. If it makes it more likely to see new RPG Maker titles in the vein of Omori, To the Moon, or Ib arrive in good time on mobile, then it’s maybe even great news.

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With that, you’re up to date on the state of the upcoming RPG Maker Unite smartphone export tool. To find some inspiration for creating your own game, check out our picks for the best mobile RPGs.