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Runescape’s iOS closed beta begins next week

Grab yourself a spot!

Jagex has announced a closed beta for Runescape Mobile on iOS. The popular MMORPG launched in early access on Android last year, but this is the first concrete news we’ve received about the iOS version. You can sign up right now for a chance to get in the beta, which goes live on May 11. Only 9,900 spaces are up for grabs, though Jagex has detailed that more might arrive later.

The Runescape iOS beta provides a chance for players with iOS devices to provide feedback that can help determine the future of the game on mobile. The mobile versions of Runescape are also be cross-compatible, so players with PC or Android versions can pick up where they left off on iOS.

All you need to do to secure your place is follow these instructions from the Runescape website:

  1. Go to the App Store and install TestFlight on your Apple device.
  2. Once the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta is live, Jagex will share a TestFlight link on the official site
  3. Simply tap on the link on your iOS device, which will open TestFlight, and tap on ‘Start Testing’ (under the ‘Join the Beta’ heading)
  4. Follow the instructions within TestFlight to download the RuneScape iOS closed beta
  5. Start playing!

Spaces willing, this should land you a place on the beta and get you playing in no time.

Jagex first announced Runescape Mobile in 2018, which builds on the success of the popular MMORPG. Since Runescape’s inception back in 2001, over two million players have joined the action. It’s one of the most successful MMORPGs out there.

If you’re an iOS user, and are interested in checking out Runescape on mobile, or picking up where you left off years back, be sure to follow the beta instructions. If you’re an Android user, you can play right now by downloading Runescape Mobile in early access from Google Play.