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The Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon release date brings spades of puzzling fun to Switch

Shovel Knight digs into puzzles in his next adventure

A puzzle board shows Shovel Knight jumping between blocks

It’s been a fair few years since the original Shovel Knight in 2014. As the developer Yacht Club has spent years fulfilling Kickstarter promises, adding numerous campaigns to the already generous original Shovel Knight, shovel fans sadly haven’t seen another game featuring the dashing digger since his debut.

Well, today is a very special day, as Shovel Knight finally appears in another game (not counting his million cameo appearances in other indie games) with the Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon release date, an action-platformer puzzle game that melds the familiar with the new. Pocket Dungeon mixes action, alongside some familiar bosses and locations, and gives it all a falling-block puzzle twist.

Adopting a cute, simple pixel art style that works perfectly alongside the original, the latest entry perfectly adapts the thrilling gameplay of Shovel Knight, while expanding it into new territory as the titular hero meets Puzzle Knight and goes on a brand new adventure. Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon releases today December 13, for $19.99/£17.99.

Check out the trailer below to see Shovel Knight’s latest perilous puzzle adventure in action.

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