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3D experience toolkit Spatial expands to include mobile games

Spatial’s gamification expansion allows creators to use the 3D toolkit to craft experiences beyond art and culture across the web, mobile, and virtual reality.

Spatial mobile games - a monkey, a woman, and a strange creature in a hoodie with grass for hair run across wooden slats alongside wooden houses on stilts.

Spatial, a toolkit for creators to make 3D experiences, is expanding beyond art and culture and into the world of mobile games. With its creator toolkit powered by Unity, the platform now supports gamification and interactive exhibitions.

Spatial’s creator toolkit strives to help people make immersive experiences and videogames, with the ability to share them across mobile, web, and VR platforms. The new gaming components include visuals scripting, custom avatars, as well as quests and rewards.

“This evolution to gamified and interactive co-experiences is a natural expansion for the platform and the internet”, said Jinha Lee, CPO and co-founder of Spatial. “With more than one million registered creators on the platform today, and almost two million worlds, we are committed to empowering all creators. Preserving art and culture on the internet has made it a must-see platform for gamers, developers, storytellers and artists alike.”

You can check out a video for the new features below.

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