Splatoon 3 widgets bring Splatsville to your home screen

Any splatting connoisseur may want an endless feed of their victories, defeats, weapons, and screenshots, and now you can, with Splatoon 3 widgets

An iPhone against a Splatoon 3 background of skyscrapers, the screen showing various Splatoon 3 apps.

To say Splatoon 3 fans are dedicated is a bit of an understatement. Any search through Twitter or Reddit reveals thousands of players revelling in the weird and wonderful world of Splatoon. It’s full of dozens of different things to do, fashion customisation ready for any catwalk, and an atmosphere of creative obsession.

You can carry this obsession with you now (as pointed out by Nintendo Life), as any Android or iOS user with the Nintendo Switch Online app can add Splatoon 3 widgets to their home screen. These can help remind you of previous battles, the stage schedules, your current gear, or any in-game photos you’ve taken.

To do this, you need to get into the Splatoon 3 app, which is actually an application within the Nintendo Switch Online app. From there, you just add widgets to your home screen the way you usually do. Great fun for any incessant Splatoon fan out there, I’m sure. Who doesn’t want some fella on the bus to see exactly how many of the last four games they’ve lost?

Splatoon 3 widgets

Splatoon 3 widgets are there for anyone obsessed enough to need to see exactly what their character is currently wearing, the precise schedule for upcoming maps, and a list of previous wins and losses. Check out my use of them below – and my three out of four win rate.

An iPad screen against a colourful Splatoon 3 background showing various Splatoon 3 widgets on the Home Screen.

That’s all we’ve got on the new Splatoon 3 widgets. For some other splat action, check out our Splatoon 3 review, Splatoon 3 weapons, and Splatoon 3 soundtrack musings.