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City-builder SteamWorld Build heads to Nintendo Switch in 2023

Looking for the SteamWorld Build release date? The city-building and mining bonanza is heading to Nintendo Switch later this year.

SteamWorld Build release date: key art of the upcoming game showing above and below ground

We all love a good city-building game, and it seems like mining is all the rage, so why is it taking so long for anyone to combine the two? Well, great news for fans of architecture and spelunking everywhere, as publisher Thunderful announced that developer The Station is hard at work on SteamWorld Build, an exciting new entry in the SteamWorld franchise. So when is the SteamWorld Build release date?

Described as “Anno meets Dungeon Keeper”, the upcoming title SteamWorld Build features all of the charm, polish, and talking robots of previous SteamWorld entries such as Dig, Heist, and Quest. This time though, players control a town full of SteamBots, looking to turn a barren wasteland into a busy city, as you manage resources and complete tasks along the way.

That’s not all though, as SteamWorld Build gives players an even deeper set of tasks, as you also manage a mineshaft, which has you balance the resources and goals from both overground and underground to build the robot city of your dreams. Developer The Station unveiled the first footage at the SteamWorld Telegraph presentation and also confirmed the game is heading to Nintendo Switch.

SteamWorld Build release date speculation

SteamWorld Build is due to release on December 1, 2023, on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X, and PC. A Steam demo is available now for those with PC access.

Is there a SteamWorld Build trailer?

Get a glimpse of the charming city-building and mine shaft managing title SteamWorld Build with the latest trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

That’s it for now folks, but if you’re looking forward to the next entry in the SteamWorld franchise, you can read our thoughts after a few hours in our SteamWorld Build preview.