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You can now pre-register for prehistoric pet adventure StoneAge World

Netmarble has revealed that its popular StoneAge IP is coming west in a brand new game, StoneAge World. This casts you in the role of a trainer, a warrior who must protect the wild, pre-historic land of Tectonika using trained animals. You’ll have over 250 pets to collect and tame, from woolly mammoths to dinosaurs, which you can ride around, and use in turn-based combat against the invading threat of the machine civilisation.

StoneAge World is currently available to pre-register on Android and iOS, and there are some mammoth rewards on offer for those who do – not actual mammoths, mind you. If you pre-register between now and launch, you’ll net a hefty 1,000,000 Stones, the game’s main currency, and 50,000 Shells, an additional premium currency.

You can also partake in some celebratory events over at the StoneAge website, getting yourself a friendly dino for when the game launches, or some event tickets in a mini-game. StoneAge World is just the most recent in a long line of StoneAge games, though this is the first to make it over to the west.

You can see some gameplay for the open world pet-collector below:

When asked about StoneAge’s move into the western market, Joong Sun Chang, Executive Producer of Netmarble, had this to say:

“In Korea, Stone Age originally started out as an online-only title. To date, the brand has grown to see over 200 million players for more than 20 years of collective service from a variety of different games, and we are thrilled to see this franchise come to global market as mobile MMORPG at long last.”

If you fancy wrangling some pre-historic beasties, you can pre-register for StoneAge World on Google Play and the App Store, or the StoneAge website to get some exclusive rewards.