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Subway Surfers guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Everything you could ever want to know about Subway Surfers in one guide

Subway Surfers is an endless runner that first hit our mobile devices in 2012. Since then, it’s been downloaded billions of times. The developer, SYBO Games, has been adding content ever since. The most recent update takes to the streets of Bali, where players can get their hands on the new Surfers, Mei and Maeko.

If you don’t know anything about Subway Surfers, then you are missing out on one of the best high score chasers to ever hit mobile devices. But, that doesn’t mean you have missed the chance entirely. At over eight years old, the franchise is still going strong and has recently been developed into an animated series.

With that being said, there is more in Subway Surfers then ever before, and our Subway Surfers guide sets out to give you the low down on all of it. There are missions, season hunts, and plenty of new characters to collect. As of right now, there are over 20 unique characters and 20 different boards. So, if you are looking for a breakdown of the Bali update, or just general tips and tricks, you’re in the right place.

Subway Surfers online: Can you play against friends?

It is possible to play Subway Surfers against your friends, however, this is a feature that is exclusive to China. For us western players, the closest we can get to multiplayer is to play the Subway Surfers game on Snapchat, or try and beat your friend’s high scores on the leaderboard.

Subway Surfers Hoverboard: How to get every hoverboard

There are over 20 boards to collect in Subway Surfers at the time of writing. Their cost and abilities are listed below.

Board Name Cost in coins Special Ability Special Ability
 Big Kahuna 65,000 Smooth Drift Lay Low
 Bouncer 280,000 Super Jump
 Daredevil 85,000 Super Speed
Hoverboard Free
 Windglider 360,000 Smooth Drift
 Great White 20,000 Super Speed Smooth Drift
 Hot Rod 280,000 Speed Up
 Lowrider 320,000 Stay Low
 Lumberjack 4,000 Double Jump Stay Low
 Monster 30,000 Super Speed Super Jump
 Scoot 35,000 Zap Sideways Super Speed
 Skull Fire 75,000 Double Jump Super Speed
 Freestyler 45,000 Double Jump Super Jump
 Starboard  Free  Star Trail Double Jump
Sunset 12,000 Pink Trail Smooth Drift
Superhero 8,000 Zap Sideways Super Jump
Teleporter 220,000  Zap Sideways
Coral 50,000 Protects for 30s
Ray* Level 100 Protects for 30s
Bass Blaster $5.99

*Level 100 of the Bali season hunt.

Subway Surfers PC: How to play with a keyboard on Poki and Kiloo

Playing Subway Surfers on your PC is remarkably easy, and multiple websites offer the same service. Your progress is only saved on one site, so if you choose Poki, for example, you will have to keep using it.

If you want to play on Poki or Kiloo, then click the respective links.

Subway Surfers Characters: List of all characters and how to get them

 Character Name Cost in coins Outfit Outfit
Boombot  Free with a purchase
 Brody 350,000 Posh Outfit Chill Outfit
Dino Log into Facebook
 Ella 150,000 Rasta Outfit  Gold Outfit
Frank  40,000  Clown Outfit  Tiger Outfit
Fresh  50 Boomboxes  Funk Outfit  Sport Outfit
Jake  Free  Dark Outfit  Star Outfit
King 80,000  Count Outfit Royal Outfit
Lucy  7,000  Goth Outfit  Steam Outfit
Miss Maia  100 Keys
Ninja  20,000 Yang Outfit  Flame Outfit
Prince K 980,000  Jag Outfit  Shine Outfit
Spike  200 Guitars Rock Outfit  Punk Outfit
Tagbot  12,000  Space Outfit  Toy Outfit
Tasha  30,000  Cheer Outfit  Gym Outfit
Tricky  3 Red Hats Camo Outfit  Heart Outfit
Yutani  500 UFOs  Gadget Outfit
Zoe 120,000 Curly Outfit  Biker Outfit
 Carmen $4.99  Shake Outfit  Team Outfit
Maeko  Level 200*  Hostess Outfit
Mei  40 Keys  Islander Outfit Bumi Outfit

*Level 200 of the Bali season hunt.

Subway Surfers Score Boosters: How to get Score boosters

Score boosters are vital to achieving a competitive high score. This is because you can travel the same distance but only get a fraction of the points without a score multiplier. There are several ways to get score boosters, most of which involve watching an advert.

The quickest way is to start your go and press the star in the bottom left corner. This is where you can buy a boost for 3,000 coins or watch an advert for free. The easier way is to go to the store, click the ‘Free Stuff’ tab, and watch an advert there. Lastly, you can buy some score boosters in the ‘Boosts’ tab in the shop.

Subway Surfers Show: Where can I watch the animated tv show?

If you didn’t already know, there is an animated Subway Surfers TV show. You can watch episodes on Youtube or on the official Subway Surfers website.

Subway Surfers World tour list: Where next for subway surfers?

The developer of Subway Surfers like to keep people guessing where the next stop of the world tour is going to be. If you would like to follow the gossip you can check out the official Facebook page or Twitter account. If you would like a complete list of all the world tour locations, then check out the official Wiki.

SUBWAY SURFERS Download: How to get on ios and Android

You can download a copy of Subway Surfers for free from either the App Store or Google Play.

SUBWAY SURFERS Hack: why it’s a bad idea

Let me start off by saying that hacking any game is never a good idea. If you are caught hacking, then your account can be permanently banned. Just remember, if you unlock every item in the game using cheats, what have you got left to do?

Subway Surfers tips, tricks, and cheats

If you are playing Subway Surfers and want to know some gameplay or money-making tips, then check these out:

  • Upgrade: there’s an overwhelming amount of characters and hoverboards to collect in Subway Surfers, but don’t let it distract you. Sure, a swanky new hoverboard will help you get a higher score, but it won’t help collect coins. If you want to maximise your earnings, visit the shop, click on ‘Boosts’ and upgrade the jetpack and coin magnet. Both these items appear regularly and help you collect coins
  • Claim free stuff: every day there are free crates, keys, and more waiting for you to collect. Not all of them require adverts, but a fair majority do. If you are looking to make money fast, you can collect a lot more coins in a 30 second advert than you can by playing for 30 seconds
  • Save your keys: you can’t buy everything with coins in Subway Surfers. There are a number of characters and hoverboards that you can buy with keys. This means you should save up for something you want
  • Set your sights on something: flick through the hoverboards and characters and decide on the one you want. This will stop you from spending coins on characters that are cheap and boards that are bad. The quickest way to start collecting characters and boards is to save up
  • Be active: when you jump up in the air, you don’t have to wait for your character to hit the ground. You can swipe left or right to avoid an obstacle. If you need to roll under an upcoming object, then swipe downwards to hit the ground quicker
  • Grab the magnet: the magnet is the absolute best tool for coin collecting. Whenever you see the magnet, it is worth trying to grab it, even if you are setting a new high score. This is because you can always get multipliers and beat your high score later

That’s it for our Subway Surfers guide. Be sure to head over to our Subway Surfers codes for a bunch of cool freebies. Or, if you’re looking for a more competitive game to get ahead at, why not check out our Golf Clash guide?