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Super Rare launches its own publishing arm - focused on indies

Newly announced Super Rare Originals will be publishing stand-out indie titles on consoles + PC

A small pixelated dog readies his grapple to jump across a platform

Super Rare – the UK based company known for making physical versions of smaller Switch games like Mundaun, Yes, Your Grace, and more – announced today they are launching their own publishing arm, called Super Rare Originals. It’s focusing on indies and working to bring them both to consoles and PC. We can also imagine that many of these will likely receive physical versions down the line, as that’s what Super Rare is all about.

As well as this, Super Rare announced their first slew of indie titles coming through the publishing company; Grapple Dog, Post Void, The Gecko Gods, Lone Ruin, and Completely Stretchy. It’s a great mix of genres and includes some amazing indie talent. While release dates haven’t been shared just yet, Super Rare has hinted that at least one title could be released very soon.

Every game announced looks great so far, and we’ve got our eyes on both Grapple Dog and The Gecko Gods after seeing very aesthetically pleasing GIFs on Twitter in the past. If this first batch of titles is anything to go by, we look forward to Super Rare Originals championing interesting indies and helping them reach the audience they deserve.

Check out the trailer below to see footage of every game announced today.

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Hopefully, we won’t have long to wait to be playing some lovely new indie games, but for now, check out our guide to the best Switch games, so you don’t miss a thing.