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Bring the garden to the party with the Tetris 99 Pikmin 4 crossover

There’s a new Tetris 99 Pikmin 4 crossover ahead of the release of the upcoming sequel, giving the classic tetrominoes their own happy little faces.

Custom image for Tetris 99 Pikmin 4 news with the Pikmin gang stood on a puzzle piece

A Tetris 99 Pikmin 4 crossover is now live in the Nintendo Switch version of the iconic puzzle game to celebrate the upcoming release of the fourth Pikmin adventure. Arriving for Tetris 99’s 34th Maximus Cup, this collaboration provides one of the best Switch puzzle games a real spin, including giving the bricks little Pikmin eyes. How cute.

With the Pikmin 4 and Tetris 99 crossover, you can get to solving puzzles with your tiny red, yellow, and blue pals from the Pikmin series. There is a small caveat to the Pikmin 4 Tetris 99 event in that you need to pick up 100 event points before you can switch to the Pikmin theme. Still, that’s not asking too much, especially when some quality time with Oatchi the space dog is waiting for you on the other side of the 100-point barrier. I would do anything for that dog.

It’s not just Pikmin visuals in Tetris 99, either. The in-game Pikmin theme comes complete with classic music from the series, as well as the unmistakable ‘hyah!’ high-pitched Pikmin expression each time you clear the game board.

With the Pikmin 4 release date just around the corner, it’s no surprise to Nintendo throw some coals into the engine of the hype train by launching a crossover like this. We’ve seen Mario and Kirby land in Tetris 99 before, so inviting the Pikmin for a tournament just makes sense. You can check out what to expect in the trailer below.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the Tetris 99 Pikmin 4 crossover. For more from the garden variety explorers, check out our Pikmin 1+2 review.