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The Outbound Ghost release date

The adorable RPG is haunting the Nintendo Switch, bringing classic gameplay & monster collecting with a twist. So when was The Outbound Ghost release date?

The Outbound Ghost release date: a small party made up of different ghosts travels through a field

Okay, elevator pitch. Imagine a game with RPG mechanics that harken back to the classic Paper Mario of old, with monster-collecting mechanics, but the creatures are cute little ghosts. Sounds amazing? Well, I have just described to you The Outbound Ghost, a gorgeous game that’s developed by the team at Conradical Games, though Digerati is the publisher.

But when was The Outbound Ghost’s release date? In this game, the town’s population is turned into ghosts, and the undead residents must explore the area and discover the truth. Overworld abilities help your ghost reach new areas, and battles take on the timing-based rhythm of the original Paper Mario titles. Frankly, we wouldn’t be caught dead not owning this game!

The Outbound Ghost release date

The Outbound Ghost release date fell on December 1, 2022, meaning you can pick it up right now!

Is there a The Outbound Ghost trailer?

Check out the announcement trailer from a Nintendo Showcase. The trailer shows off even more gameplay and also reveals the release date for the PC version of The Outbound Ghost.

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