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Tie Dye guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

If you ever wanted to know how to become the Tie Dye master, this guide was made for you

Dying clothes isn’t something new to me, I’ve been accidentally ruining my white shirts for years! However, thanks to Tie Dye, the quirky puzzler from Crazy Labs, creating beautiful (and hideous) garments is a piece of cake. Making garments may be the aim of the game, but there are plenty of things for you to spend your profits on.

Tie-dye was a term popularised in the mid-1960s in the United States. People would take plain or old clothes and add bold, bright colours to make unique patterns and colour combos nobody else was wearing.

I know nobody came here for a history lesson, but understanding why dying shirts became a mainstream trend will help you get into the mind of a hippie and should help maximise your profits.

Although the concept is nice and simple, there are still plenty of pitfalls hidden along the way. If you are curious about how to make the most of your time playing Tie Dye, and avoid the aforementioned pitfalls, then check out our tips below.


Tie Dye download: How to get it on iOS and Android

Tie Dye is a game by Crazy Labs that is only available for iOS. You can grab it right now from the App Store.

What is tie-dying?

Tie-dying a shirt is as simple as the game will have you believe. All you need is a clothing item, special dyes, string, and time. All you need to do is wrap your clothing item up in an interesting way. Add whatever dye you want, in whatever pattern you want. Place the dyed clothing item in a plastic bag for at least eight hours to dry and then enjoy your unique clothing.

TIE DYE Tips, tricks, and cheats

Now that you know what it takes to become a master dyer, let’s get into some top tricks and tips.

  • Be generous with colours: unless on a specific colour mission from a client, be as creative as you want. That’s the trick to earning three stars on a level
  • Get three stars: why is this important? Because it will help you unlock extra clothing items and wrapping techniques. This variation is a lot more entertaining than using the same garments over and over. To get three stars, you need to be creative and use lots of colours. Unless the client asks for specific colours
  • Upgrade your shack: While dying shirts, swimwear, and dresses is supreme fun, spending cash is even better. You can use your cash to upgrade your shop, construct decorations, and place entertaining props around the area.
  • Service the VIPs: VIP customers come in with no idea what they want. This leaves it up to you to choose a clothing item, wrap style, and colour combination. Not only is this the best time for your creativity to shine, but these opportunities are by far the most profitable