Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is available for pre-registration on mobile

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad has been on the radar for a while now, with a lot of people wondering when it will finally launch. Thanks to the latest trailer released by Ubisoft last weekend, we can finally put to bed some of the frequently asked questions. With that being said, what can we expect from Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad?

Elite Squad will offer players a variety of different game modes. These modes include a campaign, PvP, and guild-vs-guild battles. The gameplay involves a player commanding a squad of five units. Each unit has its own abilities, gear, and weaponry, as well as a star rating system and training levels.

This means, not only will you need to unlock and equip the best gear for each unit. But you will also need to train and collect shards of each character in order to make them more powerful. Features like these were criticised during the latest beta test in the Philippines, so we can only hope that Ubisoft has taken note of the recent feedback, and made balancing changes.

Everything we know about Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad:

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad pre-registration: Where can you pre-register?

Pre-registering for Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is easy for both Android and iOS users. If you would like to pre-register, then click here for Google Play or here for the App Store. There is an exclusive reward if you do decide to sign up early where you unlock Montagne’s tier two weapon, an M1911 pistol.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad release date: When is the full release?

The latest trailer released by Ubisoft, which is linked below, shows us a glimpse of what to expect from Elite Squad. It also confirms the full launch is on August 27. This should give the developers plenty of time to take on user feedback and release a more complete game next month.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad trailer: What does it look like?

As with any trailer nowadays, the trailer itself features no snippets of actual gameplay. Instead, it focuses on setting up the lore and universe for Tom Clancy fans to get immersed in.

You can still get a glimpse of what Elite Squad has to offer. Two teams fight each other and the battle is determined by who makes better use of their character’s special abilities. Whether it’s a riot shield or an orbital strike, combat will focus on learning and countering characters’ special abilities.

TOM CLANCY’S ELITE SQUAD character list: wow many characters?

There are over 70 characters in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, and they are all familiar faces to loyal fans of the Tom Clancy franchise. These 70+ soldiers appear across 12 regiments from games like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, the Division, and more. For a complete character list, check out the official Wiki.


If you want to grab a copy of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, then you can do so from a variety of sources. We recommend our trusty source, APKPure.