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Our giveaway for Torchlight III has now finished

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November 5, 2020: Our giveaway for Torchlight III has now finished

We love Switch games, which is why we were so excited to start writing about them on the site last month. But this week marks something even more exciting: our first Switch giveaway! We’ve partnered with the lovely folks at Perfect World to give away some Switch copies of the recent installment in the popular RPG series, Torchlight 3.

One hundred years after the events of Torchlight 2, Novastraia is once again threatened by invasion, this time from the Netherim and its allies. You must choose your own hero, and become the land’s defender, fighting off fearsome foes, adventuring, and just generally exploring the wilderness with your friends, or by your lonesome. Torchlight 3 also features collectible animal companions, and even lets you build and upgrade your very own fort.

So if you’re hankering for a fun, fleshed-out RPG experience, Torchlight 3 might just be for you. So what do you need to do to get a copy? Well, just enter below and you’ll be in with a chance of winning when our giveaway ends on Thursday, October 5.

In order to enter, simply follow the instructions in the box below. Though, please do take a glance at our terms and conditions first!

If you can’t wait to play Torchlight 3, you can find the game on the Switch store and Steam. For more similar recommendations, see our list of the best Switch RPGs!