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Triangle Strategy golden route guide

Our Triangle Strategy golden route guide helps you discover the ending with the least bloodshed so you can see the true, best ending

Triangle Strategy golden route: Key art for the game shows the main cast of characters, joined collectively in a triumphant ending.

The tactical RPG Triangle Strategy from Square Enix is a game all about hard choices and dire consequences, so if you’ve completed it once, you may want to know more about the Triangle Strategy golden route to try and save a few folks along the way. While most players will unlock one of the title’s three main endings, there’s one way to save the most people, and truly unite the kingdoms.

Now spoilers ahoy, so only read this if you’ve already completed your first playthrough or just don’t care. This guide to the Triangle Strategy golden route will steer you in the right direction and help Serenoa to help the people he loves with the least (but definitely some) bloodshed. We adore this deep, political, strategy RPG, and you can read more in our full Triangle Strategy review.

Here’s our guide to the Triangle Strategy golden route.

Triangle Strategy golden route: Key art for the game shows the main cast of characters, joined collectively in a triumphant ending.

Triangle Strategy golden route

If you’ve already completed Triangle Strategy then you’ll be well aware of the party votes, where each member casts their decision and the whole team must obey the way the votes are cast. Well at the main vote of Chapter 17 – If Griefs Could Passions Move, there’s a secret fourth vote, that avoids you attacking any other core team members.

Implementing this fourth option hinges on decisions from all the way back in Chapter 7, but importantly, is not tied to your conviction, If done correctly, when you go to cast your vote in chapter 17, a fourth option with the words “There must be another way?” should appear. If not, you have not met the right criteria.

Here are the requirements for the Triangle Strategy golden route

  • In chapter seven, don’t use the fire traps to defend the village if you choose to stay and defend Roland. If you surrendered Roland, this choice does not appear.
  • In chapter nine, you must choose to help Sorsley with the illegal salt trade
  • In chapter ten, you must reveal Roland’s identity to Svarog, but this is only possible if you previously assisted Sorsley
  • In chapter 11, you must choose to stand and defend the Roselle, and then uncover the Pink Rock, known as the Roselle Key.
  • In chapter 15, you must visit Lord Symone in Wolffort. While this means you won’t get Cordelia, it does add Milo to your party

Once done correctly, in chapter 17 you’re presented with the fourth dialogue option, saying “There must be another way?” and from here Serenoa will ask himself a few follow-up questions. Answer the questions in this specific order.

  • Greet them with the Wolffort demesne’s wildfire?
  • Might Lord Svarog be the key?
  • We can expose the truth hidden in the Goddess’s statue.
  • They’re of the Consortium.

This will unlock the Triangle Strategy golden route, saving Benedict, Frederica, and Roland. It will also unlock two more chapters that showcase the true ending. Good luck!

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