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Triangle Strategy has already sold almost a million copies

With 800,000 copies out in the wild, Triangle Strategy sales are strong, and it looks to be another strong HD-2D RPG from Square Enix, after Octopath Traveler

On the left, numerous character sprites from Triangle Strategy gathered in a large, ornate hall. On the right, character art drawn for the news that the game had sold a lot.

The latest HD-2D RPG from Square Enix seems to be doing very well, especially considering it’s a strategy title. Triangle Strategy, the spiritual successor to Octopath Traveler, has already sold 800,000 copies since its release two weeks ago. The game changed from the turn-based battling of its predecessor to a tactical combat system, similar to Fire Emblem.

As detailed in a tweet from the Japanese language account for the game, Triangle Strategy sales are clearly strong, showing that the title hasn’t massively suffered against the stiff competition of Elden Ring. Sure, it’s already sold twelve million copies, but Triangle Strategy wasn’t going to do that anytime soon, even if it was the only video game coming out.

For comparison, Octopath Traveler sold one million copies within its first month, so it looks like Triangle Strategy sales are on track to match that. Just seeing retro-style JRPGs selling so well warms my heart, and I hope it encourages other developers to keep it up. For now, Square is clearly leading the charge.

You can check out the tweet below.

That’s all the details on the successful Triangle Strategy sales so far. If you’re still on the fence, check out our Triangle Strategy review for a bit of convincing.