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Trivia Royale guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Sharpen your mind with our Trivia Royale guide

So you think you’re pretty smart, eh? Well, why not put it to the test and check out Trivia Royale, a brand new trivia and battle royale hybrid that pits 1,000 players against each other to see who knows the most useless information. You won’t actually go up against 1,000 players though, so don’t worry. You just have to win in a series of head-to-heads until everyone else has been knocked out.

Also, don’t think about heading to Google to find the answer to each question. You have ten seconds to answer, and as the clock winds down, so too does the score you receive for a correct answer. This is a pretty effective anti-cheat method that also rewards those of us that actually know the answer to the question, as we can respond faster.

But what if you’re not a particularly quick thinker? Or trivia just isn’t your strong-suit? You should be able to play and enjoy Trivia Royale too, right? Well, that’s where our Trivia Royale guide comes in, where we’ve got a bunch of tips, tricks, and cheats to help you perform better.

Here’s what’s in our trivia royale guide:

What is trivia royale?

Trivia Royale is a blend of trivia game and battle royale. It pits around 1,000 players against each other to see who is the smartest (well, whose brain contains the highest amount of useless information, really). Win or lose and you’ll get a bunch of XP, which allows you to level up, providing access to new titles and various other rewards, and coins, which you can spend on cosmetics. Win though, and you get the crown, as well as access to an exclusive lounge where you can chat to all the other brainiacs.

How does it work?

Rather than pit you against nearly 1,000 other players in the trivia equivalent of a fight to the death, you face off against a series of individual players. Each round of these consists of five questions, and the winner is the one of you that receives the most points during the round.

You get points both for getting a question right, and for answering quickly. The fifth question of this round provides double points, which allows you to turn around a miserable effort at the last second and walk away the victor.

Win, and you progress into another round against another player. Lose, and it’s game over for you. This continues until you’re crowned the victor or you crash and burn because you can’t remember which city is the capital of Australia. Gets you every time, doesn’t it?

Play royale tips, tricks, and cheats

Play Royale is the main game mode in Trivia Royale, and likely where you’ll spend the most of your time. We’ve put together a bunch of tips, tricks, and cheats, which helped us, overall, perform better than we would have without them. We can’t guarantee that it will help you win though. That’s going to require genuine smarts.

Take that extra second to be sure

This is an important piece of advice that we both learned the hard way, and saw our competition doing time and time again: rushing to answer a question so quickly that you end up either accidentally tapping on the wrong one, or falling prey to a trick question.

So, we believe that the points system works like this: you get ten points for getting a question right, and an additional ten points depending on how quickly you answered. When you look at it that way, was it really worth losing out on all of the points rather than missing a single point because you were too slow to tell your orcas from your narwhals? Probably not.

So just take that extra second. Read the question thoroughly and look at the image with care, if there is one, before the timer even appears. When it’s up, just scan the answers quickly until you’re sure it’s the right one, and then tap. At the end of the round, you’re unlikely to feel those one or two missing points versus losing out on all of the points because you got a question wrong.

Only use boosters on the double points round

Whether it’s fair or not, many rounds of Party Royale are determined by the final question alone, as that’s where you get the vast majority of your points. So, it makes sense that, if you’re going to use a booster, you use it on that final round.

Boosters are expensive, costing either gems or coins, depending on the booster you choose to use. You can earn a bunch of coins for free each time you participate in Party Royale and when you level up, but you’re not going to earn enough to use a booster for every single question.

So use them sparingly, and only on the double points round. Even then, only use them when victory is guaranteed by getting the question right, and you have no idea what the answer to the question is.

Brush up on your weaknesses by playing topics

Though it doesn’t make this particularly clear to you, or anyone, Trivia Royale questions are broken down into a bunch of different topics, which you can see a list of by participating in the Topics minigame.

This lets you pick from one of the numerous different topics in Trivia Royale, and pits you in a single head-to-head against another real-life opponent. If you find yourself being regularly undone by a particular topic, like animals, then we’d recommend heading here and brushing up on your skills.

Besides, not only will you earn additional XP, you may actually discover a recurring question in a future Play Royale session.

how to get free coins and gems in trivia royale

So now you know how to win at Party Royale, and it’s all thanks to us. But the second part of the challenge is to get a bunch of free gems and coins. These two currencies provide you with additional Play Royale entry tokens, avatar cosmetics, and boosters during play. Here’s how to get all of the free stuff.

Play, err, play royale often

Oh, hello most obvious tip ever. But before you close this page down in absolute disgust, we do actually have a valid tip for you: you get a Play Royale token every 15 minutes, which means that you can play Play Royale to that cadence. If you’re serious about getting free coins and gems, we recommend aiming to play as close to every 15 minutes as possible.

Watch video ads for bonus coins

Each time you finish a game of Trivia Royale, you can watch a video advertisement to double the number of coins you earn, and we thoroughly recommend you do this every single time. Video ads typically last 30 seconds, which is a lot shorter than a second game of Trivia Royale would be. Besides, you can’t always play that second game if you’ve run out of tokens. This small trickle of extra coins really adds up over time.

Play topics for additional XP when you run out of Play Royale tokens

If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, and want to carry on playing Trivia Royale when you’ve run out of tokens, you can still do that. That’s exactly what the Topics mode provides, which allows you to pick a specific topic and answer a series of questions dedicated only to that. You’ll play against another real opponent, and earn additional experience depending on your performance.

Each topic also has its own rankings and chat associated with it, so it has a nice little community all of its own.