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Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid controller review

Take a journey through our Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid controller review to find out what we think of this Xbox-style mobile controller

A Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid controller with a phone attached to it against a mango background

Our Verdict

Ultimately, the Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid is a decent, hardworking, versatile entry into the mobile controller world and I thoroughly enjoy using it.

With mobile gaming increasing dramatically in popularity over the past few years, so is the demand for mobile controllers. There are many manufacturers out there keen to sell their products and I must say, a lot of them are decent. However, the choices can be overwhelming and costly, so where do you start? Well, today we’re going to look at the Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid.

This modern controller offers a unique and versatile gaming experience whether you’re on the move or in for the night, its ability to switch seamlessly between mobile device and console means you can game on the way home on your phone and then when you walk through the door you can switch to console.

It feels very familiar and intuitive to use due to its layout and ergonomic Xbox-style design. It’s also straightforward to set up and connect to your mobile device, I would say it took me probably no more than a minute to get it out of the box and be ready to play. The controller itself feels well built, it’s durable, has a decent weight to it, is comfortable, and due to its built-in cooling grips can be used for long periods with little sweating or loss of grip.

So far I’ve had no issues with input lag or connection dropouts while playing Halo on Xbox Game Pass, and tracking with the analog sticks is very accurate with no dead zones. It’s as responsive and intuitive to use as any genuine console controller making it a great purchase whether you’re into long-haul RPGs or fast-paced first-person shooters.

In the box you get either a controller in a sleek metallic blue and orange colour “Blue Magma” or black, it comes with a long USB-C charger used to charge its impressive 30-hour long battery life which lends to its portability. A detachable phone clip allows you to physically mount even the largest of phones to the controller while you play, or you can remove the clasp and use the inbuilt stand mechanism to set your phone down on any flat surface.

The Recon Cloud comes standard with a 3.5mm headset jack and a load of high-end features such as audio and chat sensitivity controls, EQ pre-set options, the ability to adjust analog stick sensitivity, and two fully customisable action buttons. These features really give you a comprehensive, customisable, and enjoyable gaming experience whatever game you’re playing, wherever you’re playing it.

The Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid controller from the front against a mango coloured background

Another thing that’s worth noting, and something I really appreciate, is the complimentary 30-day Xbox Game Pass subscription that gives you access to an expansive library of games that work perfectly with the Recon Cloud.

I must also add that the box itself is actually quite eco-friendly, it’s made entirely from cardboard so is not only fully recyclable but the protective bags the tech comes in is not just recyclable, but also fully compostable, I was very pleased to see this as so much recyclable waste goes to landfill, so a big thumbs up from me to Turtle Beach.

Retailing at $99.95/£89.99 it’s considerably more expensive than a standard Xbox controller, however, given its ability to double as a portable and console device, especially if you use it as such, I think the price is reasonable.

A Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid controller tilted up towards the left against a mango coloured background

The only negative things I have to say about the controller relate to its actual everyday portability, it is portable make no mistake, however, the whole unit can be quite bulky and heavy when you consider taking a full-sized dedicated controller with mounting brackets along with you wherever you go. If you want to actually mount your device on the controller instead of using the stand (like I prefer) the whole setup feels very heavy and uncomfortable.

This is where the Nintendo Switch-style units, such as the Gamesir, definitely reign supreme in their sleek lightweight design. However, I actually favour this controller over the Switch-style units as I prefer the feel of a classic dedicated controller, because it’s ultimately what I want to experience – the genuine feel and comfort of home gaming on the go. If you agree then this controller is probably the one for you.