Unpacking merch brings cute cargo to the real world

From pin badges to a piggy-pocket shirt, the new Unpacking merch allows you to unpack a piece of the gorgeous Nintendo Switch zen puzzler in real-life

Several pieces of Unpacking merch

Witch Beam Games has announced a fresh line of Unpacking merch, so you can unpack a little piece of the gorgeous, zen puzzle game in real-life. With a variety of goodies, from cutie-fruity coasters, to a sweet storage box, and even a gorgeous t-shirt featuring some beautiful art and the phrase ‘unpacking a life with you’ on its front, these adorable designs are sure to be a hit.

The new Unpacking merch is a result of a collaboration between Witch Beam Games, Play Humble Games, and Serenity Forge, and comes in the wake of the game’s first anniversary on November 2. Witch Beam also announced that Unpacked has sold over one million copies in the last year, having been played in 185 counties around the world. It has also been nominated for a whopping 50 awards, and has won 20 since its release.

Though its premise may seem simple at first, Unpacking has seen massive popularity due to its stunning pixel art, satisfying puzzles, nostalgic vibes, and the moving narrative hidden beneath the surface. Having arrived on Switch and other platforms on November 2, 2021, its laid-back, cathartic style has continued to resonate with players all over the world, so it’s no surprise that so many of you want to unpack a piece of the magic into your own home.

Where can I buy Unpacking merch?

The entire collection of Unpacking merch is available on the Serenity Forge website, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $24.99. Keep in mind that the products ship from the US, so you may be subject to import fees and higher shipping costs if you live elsewhere. Check out the website to view the full range of products, or take a peek at the pic below.

All pieces of Unpacking merch

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