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Unpacking on mobile opens a new box of opportunity

Unpacking A Life the hit zen puzzler moves onto mobile and tablet devices later this year as revealed in 2023's Wholesome Direct.

Unpacking Wholesome Direct: a room filled with boxes and items

You can play Unpacking on a Switch, you can play on a laptop or PC, and any console you dream of – but soon, there’s an Unpacking  mobile release date for you Android and iOS aficionados out there.

Unpacking is somewhat of a smash hit in the wholesome indie games space with its innovative gameplay and relaxing story, so it’s no surprise that creators Witch Beam are bringing it to mobile devices to captivate even more puzzle-loving players.

If you’ve not had a chance to play Unpacking yet or aren’t sure what it is, let us tell you. It’s a relaxing, zen, puzzle game that focuses on unpacking boxes as the protagonist moves into new rooms at different stages in their life.

And now, we can play these delightful levels on the go. More information is due soon about the Unpacking release onto mobile platforms, including tablets. For now, the date is scheduled for 2023.

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