Mobile MMORPG Warhammer: Odyssey’s new trailer is a call for heroes

The Warhammer universe is once again expanding – and this time the Old World shrinks itself down and makes its way onto your mobile device in Warhammer: Odyssey. Truthfully, nobody knows an awful lot about the new mobile title made by Virtual Realms, but we get a good look at some ideas in the brand new trailer they put out.

The game is coming “soon” and will focus on PvE elements rather than PvP, but it certainly looks cool. The cast of characters includes your usual Warhammer Fantasy fare: a Witch Hunter, a cannon-toting Dwarf Engineer, a High Elf Archmage, a High Elf Shadow Warrior armed with a bow and a shroud of secrecy, a Warrior Priest, and a death-defying Slayer.

The MMORPG is available to pre-register now on Android and Apple devices, but we’ve no words on its release date at present. The game promises to take us to iconic Warhammer locations, although we imagine they will be unrecognisable due to the chaos and decay spread by the Chaos Moon Morrslieb.

The trailer itself, which you can view below, introduces you to our cast of characters, a not-so-merry band of warriors all. However, you also get a glimpse at some of the enemies you’ll be facing and a smidgen of gameplay.

The enemies include beastmen, witch elves, and rat ogres – but you might have noticed the brief glimpse of gameplay shown as the Witch Hunter takes on a band of chaos worshippers.

Characters seem to have five actions or abilities that have different buttons and cooldowns. The Witch Hunter’s pistol obviously does more damage than her rapier, but will likely have a much longer cooldown as it reloads.

We also see that experience is earned by killing enemies, although there may be other ways to level up when the game releases.

If this trailer has got you salivating for more mobile goodness, check out our list of the best mobile MMORPGs, or if you’re specifically needing that Old World fix we’d recommend taking a look at Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.