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Roll up roll up, you can now destroy Google with a Katamari

A quirky We Love Katamari Google crossover is here, allowing you to roll up every single bit of the internet. This could take quite some time.

We Love Katamari Google: the main character from Katamari rolls up the Google logo

By the king of the cosmos, this We Love Katamari Google collaboration has us rolling over with laughter. Recently, Bandai Namco released We Love Katamari Re-roll + Royal Reverie (say that five times fast), and we’re happily rolling, rolling, rolling, like Fred Durst going down a hill. Check out our guide to the best Switch games for kids to find even more great games like it.

However, there’s never enough spherical fun in the world, and luckily it seems that Bandai Namco agrees. Right now, if you head over to Google and search ‘Katamari’ a small ball appears. You already know what’s about to happen, but if you click on the small Katamari ball, a minigame occurs, allowing you to roll up basically everything on the internet.

The fun experience is likely to only last a limited time, so if you can’t get it to work, check out this video from Jim Caddick on Twitter showing their Katamari scooping up Google like a data harvesting firm. We can’t say we ever thought we needed this collaboration, but by golly, we’re very happy it exists.

The very silly We Love Katamari Google crossover is to celebrate the release of the latest title, We Love Katamari Re-roll and Royal Reverie, and you can get a glimpse of the game with the launch trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Meanwhile, if this has got you hankering for some orb-based adventures, be sure to check out our We Love Katamari review.