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The new yellow iPhone from Apple is incredibly, uhh, yellow

Apple is set to launch a new mid-cycle colour for its base models, bringing the new yellow iPhone into the family to draw new users in based on aesthetics alone

Two yellow iPhones on a red background, on front facing and smaller, one back facing.

Apple is launching a yellow iPhone next week, available to pre-order now. A mid-cycle colour addition has become a trend for the company over the last few years, and this addition to the base iPhone 14s is very, very yellow. Not Renault yellow, mind you – we’re talking bright banana yellow.

Most of the chatter online seems to be positive, though I think it’s a bit much personally. Still, picking up an iPhone 14 six months before the launch of whatever Apple has coming up next is a bit silly, even if its colour is right up your street.

So, while we don’t recommend picking up an iPhone 14 right now, no matter how pretty the colour, it’s still a fun addition to the lineup. Sure, it’s a cynical bit of marketing to get people to buy a phone a few months after launch, but it’s also very, very yellow.

Check out the original launch video for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus below.

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