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You can make Link traumatize a widower in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Look, we love Tears of the Kingdom, and while it has its fair share of weird stuff, Zelda’s Dorian easter egg is a tad messed up from our short blond friend.

Zelda Dorian easter egg header showing the man Dorian, an old man with white facial hair especially thick on his cheeks and an ornate outfit of some ancient clan, with red and beige highlights and a large, billowy cloak over the shoulders. It's raining.

When we think about Link from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, many things come to mind. Heroic, stoic, and aerobic, to name a few. But one thing that definitely doesn’t come to mind is the idea that Link could ever be mean. It doesn’t feel like he has a bad bone in his body – or any of the many Zelda characters for that matter (except the baddies, of course) – but the Zelda Dorian easter egg may show something to the contrary.

As shared by @sidonlore on Twitter, Link seems to be a bit of a nasty prankster – at least if you force him to be. You can see in the tweet that this poor man is quite upset by Link, but why? What did he do?

Well, this man is called Dorian. He used to be a member of the Yiga clan, the stealthy group who are always trying to trick Link into becoming dead, steal supplies from Gerudo town, and are absolute potassium junkies (they love bananas). They’re a nasty bunch.

However, when he met his wife and had two daughters, he decided to change his ways and join the Sheikah clan. Heartbreakingly, because Dorian defected, the Yiga clan murdered his wife. And so, when you see Dorian in-game, he’s trying to raise two young girls all on his own.

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So, when Link turns up in Kakariko village fully clad in Yiga clan armor and goes “howdy, Dorian!”, it’s in pretty bad taste. “Link… I don’t know if you’re attempting to make a joke, but that mask is in very poor taste”, he replies, seeming stern and reserved. Good on him.

So, next time you wanna be Mr. Chuckles and go get some unique dialogue out of a fictional digital character, maybe consider how mean it is. It’s like showing a hunting rifle to Bambi. You’re a big meany for evening considering. Or, y’know, maybe it’s just a fun random thing, I dunno…

Anyway, now you know why Zelda’s Dorian easter egg is maybe not the nicest thing to trigger. For more, check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom review, where we don’t do anything mean, not even once.